How does NÉE work?

For our Bare Kit, select the state where you will apply for a driver's license. Once you've placed your order, you will receive a link to download your name change kit (the link will also be sent to your email for easy access). You will need to print your name change kit either at home or a local print shop (FedEx, UPS, Staples, Kinkos, etc.)

For our Luxe Kit, select the state where you will apply for a driver's license. Once you've placed your order, we will ship your name change kit (in a chic and Instagram-worthy box, obviously).

Do you collect and store my personal information?

Nope! NÉE does not collect any sensitive information, so no need to worry about privacy issues. 

When should I change my last name?

You can change your last name at any point after your wedding! You will need to obtain certified copies of your marriage certificate to start your name change process. 

What if I have a trip/honeymoon coming up?

You should wait to change your name until after any international travel plans that were booked with your maiden name. Your passport must match your airline information exactly

What if I got married in a different state from where I live?

This is very common and not an issue - you'll need to get your marriage certificate from the state where your wedding was and then you can begin your name change process. Note: when you place your NÉE order, you'll order the state kit for where you'll be applying for your driver's license (not where your wedding was).

What if I got married in a different country?

No problem! As long as you have an official government-issued marriage certificate from the country where you were married, you can follow the same process. Note: your marriage certificate must be written in English.

Can NÉE name change kits be used for divorce too?

Cheers to the new you. Yes, NÉE kits work for divorce as well.

Anywhere your kit references "marriage certificate" would be replaced with your divorce decree (or court order) instead.

How do I get a custom cover?

All kits include custom covers!

For our Luxe Kit, check the "Custom Cover" checkbox and enter your first name, married last name, and maiden name.

For our Bare Kit, enter your first name, married last name, and maiden name in the special instructions box on the checkout page or email support@neenamechange.com.

I'm still confused, can you help?

Absolutely! For questions or feedback, email support@neenamechange.com or use our contact form.