Luxe Name Change Kit | Mail Delivery


Our Luxe Name Change Kit includes mail delivery of our step-by-step guide with detailed instructions and required forms for each part of the name change process. No printing required.

Includes postage, envelopes, and of course, chic and Instagram-worthy packaging.


1 ] Select the state where you will apply for a driver's license

2 ] For a custom cover page to be included in your name change kit, check the "Custom Cover" checkbox and enter your first name, married last name, and maiden name (this is optional)

3 ] If you're sending a NÉE Name Change Kit as a gift, check the "Gift Tag" checkbox and fill in the To/From field

4 ] Once your name change kit arrives in the mail, begin your name change process by following the steps in your kit (coffee and wine optional, but recommended)

For any questions or clarifications, reach out to

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