NewlyNamed vs. HitchSwitch vs. NÉE Name Change

NewlyNamed vs. HitchSwitch vs. NÉE Name Change

You deserve nothing but the best. We're here to break down the different name change kits on the market, so you can make the best decision as you begin the name change process. 


The first piece we'll touch on is price. Many recent brides are wary of purchasing a name change kit due to the high cost some companies charge for a mail delivery kit. All of the name change companies mentioned in this post offer 2 main packages: 

1 ] A mail delivery name change kit which includes all required name change paperwork, postage, envelopes, and step-by-step instructions

2 ] A digital delivery name change kit that requires at-home printing. This option only includes the required name change paperwork & instructions in a digital format.

Name Change Company Mail Delivery Kit Digital Delivery Kit
NÉE Name Change $59 $25
HitchSwitch $69-129 $39
NewlyNamed $89 $39


NÉE is by far the most affordable kit on the market and provides the same offering as both of the other kits (for up to 60% less). 


Now while this may be somewhat of a personal preference, we've done our best to maintain an unbiased view of each brand's packaging & aesthetic:

- NÉE Name Change - chic & sophisticated, this name change kit is definitely going on your Instagram story & makes the name change process luxurious

- NewlyNamed - colorful, they have a few color options to choose from for your shipping box (this may go on your Instagram story if you're still posting Boomerangs)

- HitchSwitch - simple & gets the job done but has a bit of an outdated feel (this name change kit is not going on your Instagram story)


NÉE Name Change offers custom bridal covers & gift wrapping. The other two name change companies do not offer any customization or gifting options (aside from gift cards)


Both HitchSwitch & NewlyNamed require users to fill in their personal information, so that they can pre-fill a few fields within the paperwork. NÉE on the other hand asks for no personal data upfront - ensuring full personal protection. 

It's worth noting, that even with the pre-filled fields for HitchSwitch and NewlyNamed, you'll still have to complete all of the paperwork as they are unable to fill in all the required fields for you.  

Now, pop the champagne & let's change your last name with NÉE. Shop name change kits here.

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