NÉE Name Change: The Best Name Change Kit

NÉE Name Change: The Best Name Change Kit

You deserve nothing but the best. NÉE is a step above the other name change kits on the markets and here's why:

1) NÉE name change kits are affordable and truly the best bang for your buck. Our Bare Kit is only $25 which is nearly unheard of in the name change market. Our Luxe Kit is $50 which is still an amazing deal (other kits go up to $90+).

2) Two words: chic packaging. NÉE name change kits are meticulously packaged with only chic & elevated materials (including the postage). Everything in the NÉE name change package will look great on your Instagram story.

3) The NÉE name change kits are the perfect gift for the bride-to-be. NÉE offers complimentary gift wrapping on all Luxe Kits. This includes a custom gift tag for all the brides in your life.

4) Custom bridal covers are included in all name change kits (cue the perfect IG story).

5) Top-tier customer service - NÉE is only an email away for any questions or special circumstances.

Pop the champagne, we're changing your last name.

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