How to Change Your Name in Texas

How to Change Your Name in Texas

Pop the champagne, we're changing your last name. 

Changing your last name can be a very confusing and intimidating process, but NÉE is here to make the experience much more fun & exciting (cue the champagne). 

If you're planning to change your name in Texas after the big day, you'll need to follow the below steps (mostly in order). Our name change kits include this name change checklist, along with step-by-step details for each part of the process, all required forms, & instructions for completing the forms.

Our Luxe Kit also includes postage, chic stamps, a custom bridal cover, & of course instagram-worthy packaging. PS: we also offer gift tags since this is THE perfect gift for a bride-to-be.

Step 1 | Marriage Certificate

An original or certified copy of your marriage certificate will be required for your name change paperwork

Step 2 | Social Security Card

This is the necessary first step to your new name - this process can take from 2-4 weeks

Step 3 | Passport

Next up is updating your passport (timing ranges from 4-12 weeks depending whether or not you expedite)

Step 4 | Driver's License

Let's hope you remember how to parallel park.. just kidding, this step is relatively painless (minus a trip to the DMV)

Step 5 | Vehicle Title & Registration

You can skip this step if you don't own a car

Step 6 | Voter Registration

Kris Jenner for president

Step 7 | US Postal Service

Those packages aren't gonna ship themselves - make sure the post office has your new name

Step 8 | Personal Accounts & Social Media

Let's be honest, your Instagram handle was the first thing you updated


Bottoms up, 

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